Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knock knock...

anybody still out there???

I really wish life would slow down for just a moment, so I can have a bit of a breather, but that´s just wishful thinking.

So much is going on right now, I don´t know where to start.
I am moving on Friday (not far, though). Just two flights of stairs higher. That apartment is still in the making, so there is lots of work. A friend of mine is moving into my current apartment, which I really like, but my new one will be much nicer!
Currently, this is what my future living/dining room looks like:
This used to be two rooms (my brothers and mine). We took out the wall and the carpet, on saturday a friend will install all necessary utility lines for the new kitchen (which is where I was standing while taking this picture) and some girlfriends will come to help me take down the wallpaper. Then, I need to sand the wooden ceiling beams, plaster the ceiling in between the beams, paint the beams and put up new wallpaper. After that, I will put in my hardwood floor and so on... The kitchen will be delivered at the end of january, which is deadline for all work in this room.
One of the awesome things about this apartment is the walk-in closet, where there is room enough for a dedicated sewing space! Luckily, the bathrooms, my bedroom, the walk-in closet and the sunroom don´t need any work done, just this huge room and the corridor, which will become my library.
This is the part where I will put a nice comfy armchair. The double doors open to the sunroom, which, as of now has nearly all of my stuff in it, at least the stuff I don´t need or don´t have time for at the moment (books, cds, sewing stuff :-( and kitchen utensils).

It is much fuller now, but there is still room... :-)

Obviously, I have not been sewing since we started this project (which was 4 weeks ago). Before that, there was not much time either. That means, my Vogue Couture suit jacket muslin from our sewing weekend in England is still untouched. I really need to get back to sewing because I have lost 8kg in the last 2 months and absolutely nothing fits me anymore. And there is no time for shopping either, so it´s alterations time. Have I mentioned that I hate altering clothes???
I think, this will turn into a remodeling blog for now, we´ll see. I really want to document the process. :-) Until now, we (my mom and I) have redone the walls in three of her rooms downstairs (about half of her apartment) and are ready to move her bedroom downstairs, so that I can move mine all the way upstairs. I will take pictures when the move is complete.
Ok, back to moving stuff...