Sunday, February 27, 2011

My feeble attempt at organizing my "stuff"!

For too long I neglected to organize my frequent fabric purchases, which led to total chaos. I had no idea how much of what I had bought where, how much I paid for it and what the fiber content is...
my first attempt at trying to resolve this problem was attaching a little note with all the information I could find on the fabrics. As my fabric hoarding, um I mean buying got a little out of hand I got sick of having to dig through the overstuffed closet looking for something and I found a helpful little sheet on the internet to print out. I haven´t gotten around to adding all of my fabrics to this, but here you can see what I have organized so far.


Next up is a little book in which I glue my inspirations I find in magazines or catalogs. I am behind on this (I have about a years worth of InStyle Magazine that I need to browse through and take the scissors to!) but eventually it will happen.



And last but not least, my sewing journal:



I started this in january and I record every sewing project with a little swatch of the fabric(s) used, the pattern, sizing, alterations, fit and things I would change for the next incarnation. I also write a little comment on how I like it or not. This will eventually be the basis for the pattern reviews for PR I want to write... eventually...

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