Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Backlog of pattern reviews

I am slowly working on getting my reviews of sewed garments up on PR and here. Most of the work is done, since I have been very good about keeping my sewing journal up to date. The problem will be getting nice pictures taken of all my garments.

I am currently away on business returning home on wednesday night when it´s too dark to take pics. Hopefully, I can get my brother to take the time and do an outdoors photo shoot with me on thursday if the weather agrees as well.

I would really like a little gadget on my sidebar that helps me keep track of things sewn, yardage sewn and yardage bought. I´ll try to find something on the net, suggestions are always welcome...

Another thing I want to try is planning my sewing instead of always being all over the place. As you see, organising just about everything in my life is at the top of my priorities list right now!

And since I´m trying not to do pictureless posts, here is a New York City skyline pic taken from the platform at the Empire State Building in November 2010 during my week long trip with two girlfriends.


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