Friday, March 4, 2011

Sewing Plans for March

I have been thinking about what to sew next and this is what I came up with:
- March Jacket: obviously! I´ve already cut out the lining and will cut out the fashion fabric after I sew the lining up to check the fit. Since PR is doing a Lined Jacket Contest, I will try to finish in time and enter.PR is also doing a Mini-Wardrobe Contest designed around an item already in the closet and I sewed a pair of pants a couple of weeks ago (brown with cream pinstripes) that go perfectly with the jacket. This got me thinking about some coordinating fabrics in my stash.... more on that later

- a loungewear suit (Vogue 2064; a Donna Karan pattern): my closet is sorely lacking in the comfortable loungewear department and I have the suitable fabric earmarked for this pattern


  I will be making Views A and D (the jacket out of a teal jersey and the pants out of a chocolate brown jersey)
- trying to recreate the look of the following dress will be another challenge for march

 last year, in NYC I bought a gorgeous wool knit in a heathered brown at Metro Textile that seems stable enough for this dress. I have shirt pattern that would probably work, I´ll see once I get it muslined.
- Inspiration: Embellished knits at Grosgrain
  I have two turtlenecks (at least) that I hate wearing as they are but they´re definitely in too good condition to throw out (both Tommy Hilfiger cotton sweaters). I want to refashion these in some way.

Ok, that´s enough for now, I hope I can finish all that in March!

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  1. Hi! I was wondering how the top from pattern 2064 worked out for you? What size did you make? I'm in South Africa and have ordered it off the Vogue website (being an old pattern noone had it here). The website does not give yardages (I need meters, actually!). Cheers, Alison (email