Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recovering an old chair

The color is actually true in these pics. Who knew the original cover was royal blue?

Remember this grimy little chair? It is now this ubercool thing:


I first posted about it here. Since then I have torn off the old cover, covered the seat with a layer of upholstery foam, padded the back with some quilt batting, covered the whole shebang with muslin (which I traced off the original cover, then traced onto my usual pattern foil), sanded down the legs, primed them and painted them with two coats of black paint followed by a coat of clear varnish.


Then I covered the chair in the intended fabric with some black piping on the edge of the seat (just bias tape folded in the middle with yarn in the middle). It wasn´t easy getting the staples I had through the sometimes many layers of fabric, batting etc. The back does not look as good as I would like and I may change that.

Btw, while tearing off the original cover, I found a german pfennig from 1966 in a fold of fabric! It was so well placed that it couldn´t have been a coincidence. My guess is that whoever made this chair put that in there as a lucky charm. I put it back in there and will add a Euro cent from this year, as soon as I find one!
I googled if maybe that was a tradition but couldn´t find anything... ( I will post a picture when I get home tonight, I forgot to upload it to my computer...)

Now I can´t wait to recover that second chair to see if it has the same lucky penny in it! I haven´t found a suitable fabric though.

I have enough of the zebra print leftover for a throw pillow for the couch. I am waiting to make the pillows until I have collected all of the fabrics I want to use in my dining/living room (I have leftovers from my drapes as well) and then come up with a plan.

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