Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well, not really...

I keep hitting a wall regarding my Mini-Wardrobe plan:
I wanted to cut out my tulip skirt today (BWOF 09-2007-116) and discovered that 1 yard really is not enough fabric when the pattern calls for 1.3 meters... Duh!!!
So I got out a different pattern, one I had made before: another BWOF (need to look up which one) skirt pattern with a cut-on flare in the back; layed it out on the fabric and again: not enough fabric... geez!!!!
With some clever piecing (chopped off the flare and cut those pieces separately) I managed to get everything cut out.
So on to the next disaster: my HP 3 Graces Cowl Neck Shirt out of a wild jersey print. I remembered having used some of this fabric for a shirt about a year ago but I really thought I could get a huge cowl neck shirt out of the remnant! Which had been rolled up and looked like it would be more than enough... duh!!! Again!!!
I unrolled it and realized that, while I would definitely be able to get a normal shirt out of this piece, it would never be enough for the cowl neck.
So stash diving I went for a different fabric because I really wanted to sew this pattern. I came up with a lightweight (11oz. rayon jersey) in a purple and blue paisley print on a white background. Will post pictures of my updated storyboard tomorrow.
Traced the pattern and cut it out and kept thinking that something was off about my wardrobe... I kept looking at the fabrics and thinking spring or summer, which made me wonder why the hell I would want to wear a pair of dark brown pinstripe dress pants with what was changing from a work wardrobe with a splash of color into a colorful and casual spring/summer collection??? WTF???
Sooo, I am exchanging the dress pants for a pair of white RTW jeans. This gives me more options for the tops.
Ok rant over, I will post my revised storyboard tomorrow...

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