Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Recap

I didn´t get all done that I had planned...

"For tomorrow I have great plans:
cut the houndstooth fabric for the March jacket DONE! I had to cut in single layer layout because the printed houndstooth pattern was ever so slightly off-grain... I haven´t cut the collar yet because I´m thinking of using a different (dark) faux fur but I want to wait until I have the body constructed to decide!


sew the muslin chair cover nope, no time
sew a costume for carnival (I´m thinking rocker girl with Doc Maartens, fishnets, a short plaid skirt and some
    sort of top); the only I would need to sew is that skirt and I think I´ve got a suitable pattern in my BWOF
    collection; for the matching jewelry, I think I will raid the hardware store :-) that will wait until tomorrow
    but I found the skirt pattern!"

Sooo, I was not very successful, but I have an excuse: about a week ago the large roller shutter on my (thankfully even larger) living room window (leaving me with at least a little bit of sunlight as the other third of the window has it´s own roller shutter) crashed down (the belt used to raise and lower it tore off the top roll). So I spent the better part of today fixing this. It is fixed but I managed to stick a pair of very pointy scissors into my thumb (don´t even ask how...) in the meantime!

Right now, it´s off to the couch for a movie and some knitting and surfing!
Have a nice evening!

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